Used cars - Jaguar for sale; affordable luxury?

Used cars jaguar for sale can be bought either online or directly from garages.

As a Jaguar is a prestige car, not every dealer will have them in stock so an internet search might be a good place to start.

Currently Carzone.ie, an Irish based website, has 302 used Jaguars to choose from and are available in 11 different models. This site selects "approved models" and features them at the top of the search list. There are SIMI garages selling used Jaguars on this site and also private sellers.  Searching sites like these gives you the information that you need before actually going to the garage. The results show price, year, specs and the contact details for the seller.

Other sites like CarsIreland.ie also have an extensive selection of pre owned Jaguars and the prices start from as little as €1,450 for a 1999 Jaguar S type, 3.0 V6 right up to €95,475 for the Jaguar XJ series that promises premium luxury. This site has currently 106 used Jaguars for sale and they come with various engine sizes and specifications.

The prices of used Jaguars may seem quite low but this is because the engine size may now be too large for many drivers. With petrol prices constantly increasing and the possibility of road tax hikes, many motorists are downsizing their vehicles which is leading to luxury models flooding the used car market at apparently low prices. If considering purchasing a Jaguar, it would be wise to ensure that it's within your budgetary restrictions!


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