Used cars the faultiest

When it comes to buying a car you have two options; you pay a premium for a brand new motor but you feel safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to use your AA membership for at least 12 months or you pick up a used car for a bargain and take a gamble on the exhaust not falling out when you pull out of your drive.

According to some bright boffins at The Office of Fair Trading (OFT)who have conducted some research and found this is the case and more specifically second hand cars are more likely to break down within the first 3 months than any other car. The reason for their discovery is due to dealers poor quality of repairs and MOTs.

But Heather Clayton, Senior Director of the OFT Consumer group said: 'Buying a second hand car is an expensive purchase for many people. Many dealers provide high standards of service and comply fully with the law but there continues to be high numbers of complaints’.

And so to conclude, British mechanics in ‘over charge customers’ shocker then?!

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