Used Cars to Avoid

Buying a used car can be a sure way to save some cash, rather than buying a brand new model or opting for something on finance. However, there are some used cars to avoid; although they may be cheap or seem to be a good bargain at the time, certain models can be more expensive in terms of repairs, or contain some characteristic features that are unfavourable (i.e., failing parts after a set amount of years). Here are a list of particular car models to avoid buying from a second-hand dealer.

Second-Hand Car Models to Avoid

Some of these used cars to avoid are based on their performance after a certain period of time, the price of repairs out of warranty or characteristic performance faults. The quality of your car will depend on how old it is, but if you plan to keep a second-hand car for a number of years you should avoid these models.


The BMW X5 has been cited to have below average performance after a number of years of use. Even though maintenance can be performed on the car to keep it running fit, after the warranty runs out these expenses can be extremely costy. Eventually, you may find yourself spending the equivalent of a brand new BMW X5 model if you have to pay for any repairs. Problems have also been reported with the fuel system and power equipment.

Chevrolet Aveo

The Chevrolet Aveo is inticing because of its fuel economy, but issues have been reported with this fuel system and with the car brakes, body integrity and audio system. Because the body is made of inferior material compared to most cars, purchasing a Chevrolet that has already been damaged or in a crash could be potentially dangerous and reduce the crash impact stability of the car.

Hummer H2

If you're trying to save money it's unlikely you'll be looking for a Hummer, but just in case you do come across the H2 model you should avoid it as a second-hand car. For one, it has bad fuel economy and its main fault is the interior, which is made of plastics and leathers. This usually looks nice - but after years of usage, these inferior materials come loose and create a rattling sound, which is a particular problem with a car that can be used in some off-road circumstances.

Jaguar X-Type

The Jaguar X-Type has lost 65 percent of its value in the last few years. You may think you've come across a bargain, but there's a reason this model is so cheap - you should avoid the X-type as all cost because of its potential faults with performance and, because the Jaguar uses specific software, you cannot have it repaired in a garage and, without the warranty, the cost of repairs will be very high.

General Cars to Avoid

As well as our list of used cars to avoid, we have some tips to help you avoid any general cars you may come across. When buying a car, always take it for a test run, and consider the following questions:

  • Does the car have a comprehensive service history?
  • Are the tires matching? Most cars, with proper rotation, will wear out all their tires at the same time. Mismatched tires, or even some with completely different sizes, could be an indication of previous improper use or a problem with its drive.
  • How does the performance compare to other cars you have driven? In retrospect, most cars drive relatively similar to one another, so use your frame of reference to test every aspect of the car before you purchase.

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