Used Harley Davidson motorcycles - where to get them

Harley Davidson motorcycles are among the best and most powerful bikes available. The following are some of the top dealers that sell used Harley Davidson motorcycles in the UK.  `

Warrs London

Warrs in London was established in 1924 and is Europe's oldest Harley Davidson dealership. They have the UK's biggest and best selection of new and used Harley motorcycles. They also provide authorised rentals and offer free test rides. They have two locations in Kings Road in South West London and on Mottingham Road in South East London.

Steve Piper Motorcycles

Steve Piper has high quality new and used Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale. They also frequently have selected one off custom bikes for sale. They use the latest dedicated electronic test equipment for all motorcycles. They currently have a range of used Harleys for sale including choppers, low riders and sportsters. They are located in Eastleigh in Hampshire.

Harley World Chesterfield

Harley World is the main Harley Davidson dealership for Chesterfield in Derbyshire and the surrounding area. They sell high quality used Harley motorcycles and also give access to their latest motorcycles range. They have a wide range of sizes and styles of used Harleys for sale including some classic bikes. Prices range from around £1,000 to over £13,000.


Autotrader is the UK's number 1 site for buying and selling new and used motorcycles online. They have a comprehensive database of bikes for sale throughout the country including used Harley motorcycles. They have a constant store of bikes for sale and there are currently over 1,000 use Harleys on this site. Prices start from as low as £825.

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