Used motorcycle parts - take the initiative!

Used motorcycle parts can be got in a variety of ways. You can go directly to your local breakers yard, you can advertise through mediums like Facebook that you're looking for parts, you can look through eBay or you can log on to the websites that link directly to various stockists and breakers yards all over the country.

Dealing with private sellers, like on Facebook and eBay in some cases, can leave you wide open to buying from unscrupulous individuals and you may have no recourse. A good option is only to buy from those that accept payment by Paypal as you can log a complaint should the purchase be faulty or not what you thought. This can lead to you getting your money back so it's something to consider.

There are many reputable garages that sell used parts through eBay and these will be obvious from the amount of transactions that they've done and the high feedback ratings that they will have. Always contact the seller directly and make sure that you can return the parts if it turns out that you can't use them and don't forget to make sure that there's no hidden charges such as postage charges, insurance etc.

Sites such as partfinderuk.co.uk offer you the chance to liaise with breakers yards nationwide. All you have to do is fill in the enquiry form on the homepage, this asks for very basic details such as the model, engine size, the part you're looking for and a contact number, and then various breakers yards will contact you and tell you what they have and how much it will cost.

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