Used Van

It's taken many years but finally 'Electric Octopod' have decided to re-form and hit the road again for one last tour. If anything has been learned over the years, it's that carting your band around in a family car simply just isn't functional. The one thing this psychedelic prog-rock 60's rock group needs are some stellar second hand VW wheels. Nothing says 'old skool rockers' than a 1964 restored deluxe VW bus. Not only will you have the space for the gear but it makes for a great little cruiser and you can always sleep in the back like true rockers.

There are so many websites dedicated to used vans but none quite have the catalogue of VWs as thesamba website. Listing all shapes and sizes at all prices, TheSamba covers all your used van needs. When you open up their VW bus section you're met with hundreds of second hand vans just waiting for a new owner. Pick a used van up for next to nothing then put the work in to restore it to its former glory. If you have the cash however, TheSamba sell vans with original paint-work and all the original parts in perfect nick, straight out of the 60s. You and your washed up hippy crew can be back on the road again in style, ready to make that statement that didn't get picked up 50 years ago!

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