Valentino Rossi logo meaning

Valentino Rossi has lots of logos on his leathers and is known by a few nicknames. We uncover the Valentino Rossi logo meanings and take a look at why he’s known as “The Doctor”.
    Getty - Gabriel Bouys

The Doctor

Since his earliest days as a motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi has been known as “The Doctor”. It’s a logo that he has on his racing leathers and one that the MotoGP crowds call out as he rides by. There are a couple of theories as to why he has this nickname. The first is that he earned the name after getting a degree. In Italy, earning a degree allows you to use the name “Doctor” so perhaps there’s something to this rumour. One of the other ideas is that “Doctor” is a mark of respect so perhaps the crowds are showing their adulation for the multiple World Champion, although that seems unlikely given that it’s a name that was used before he became a star of MotoGP. The man himself though often jokes that the nickname arrived simply because lots of Doctors in Italy are called Rossi.

Number 46

Even in the years after he’s won a world title and had the right to display the number 1 on his bike, Rossi’s used the number 46. There’s nothing to say that the number is lucky or that it signifies anything in the Italian culture, but there’s a history to it. This is the number that his father raced with during the first of his 3 grand prix wins.


The text on the Italian rider’s helmetThe Tribe of the Chihuahua” refers to the name given to him and a group of mates. Other riders who respect him and his achievements often call him “GOAT” which stands for “Greatest of all Time.”

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