Valentino Rossi motorcycle helmets

If you’ve been following MotoGP or if you’re just aware of Valentino Rossi because he’s a global superstar on or off the bike, you will have seen that the nine-time Grand Prix World Champion has worn lots of different helmets over the years with varying degrees of lurid colours and patterns. If you’re a rider, you can get your hands on Valentino Rossi motorcycle helmets that you can use when riding on the road.
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The man’s a legend who’s one of the world’s most successful motorcycle riders. He has seven premier class titles and one other in the 125cc and 250cc classes. Rossi has been a winner since the earliest days of his career. His first Grand Prix victory was in 1996 in the 125cc class and all of his wins since have come while he wore an AGV helmet.

Valentino Rossi replica helmets

A large number of limited editions were commissioned over the years and used by Rossi for just one race so there are a lots of helmet designs to choice from. Why not pick the AGV Rossi Icon which has the number 46 on the side and the Italian flag dotted with logos from the rider’s collection of personal sponsors? If you’re interested in one of the more exotic designs, you can get your hands on replicas of helmets designed by Aldo Drudi. The K3 Chicken helmet or the Corsa Turtle are two icon designs that will make you stand out from other Rossi fans.


For the full list of the Valentino Rossi replica helmets you can buy, check out the website of his helmet provider - agv.com. You’ll see images for each helmet along with the prices, which vary greatly. The standard AVG K3 helmet is £20 more with Rossi’s coloursbut you’ll be looking at anything up to £750 for one of the rarest colour schemes like the Corsa Turtle.

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