Valentino Rossi to marry girlfriend Linda Morselli in 2014?

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Is it only rumours, or is multiple world champion Valentino Rossi really about to marry his beautiful fiancee, model Linda Morselli?

The gossip, started by Italian magazine Chi?, has traveled through this country far and wide, high and low at the speed of the beloved Professore of Italian motorcycling on a World GT track. Reportedly, the magazine's article warns the public that the couple is already preparing for the religious ceremony to happen in Limbiate, the town near Milan where the model is originally from.

This comes as a total surprise, though, as 35 years old Valentino has always been considered a tough one to hook. Only months ago declared in an interview: “I am not ready to get married. I am not ready for marriage and in fact I hope I will never get married. I will only do it if no other options are available.”

Well, has the time come when it's impossible for Valentino to back down from the aisle? We don't know for sure, as neither Valentino nor his 26-years-old fiance' confirmed or denied the gossip. One thing is for sure, if the two are to get married it would the perfect coronation for the modern-day fairytale couple, doubled "the best looking couple of Moto GP".

PHOTO GALLERY: Linda Morselli and Valentino

Valentino and Linda met in 2008 in San Marino where she worked as paddock girl. Linda at the time was only 21 years old, but with her gorgeous looks didn't fail to attract Valentino from day one. However, Valentino that year got engaged with Marwa Klebi and the two formed such a lovely couple that hints at a possible marriage, and even children, started to circulate in the media.

It was only when Vale and Marwa broke up in 2012 that the romance between the beautiful former Italian Miss Elegance and the multiple MotoGP World Champion finally begun.

Ever since then Valentino and Linda have been inseparable, on the tracks and everywhere else. Only few months ago they were spotted enjoying a relaxing break and each other company on a private yacht. Needless to say, it was an amazing opportunity for paparazzi to capture gorgeous Linda's stunning curves.

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