Where to buy van conversion parts

Converting a van is an exciting and rewarding experience and you can really let your creative juices flow when you have exposure to the best van conversion parts. Knowing where you can buy quality parts cheaply is half of the difficulty in the parts search. The two sources listed below will give you an opportunity to find the parts you need at prices to suit all budgets.


Online auction sites are great for picking up bargains, especially if you do not mind buying used parts. Many people list van conversion parts that they have either used on previous projects or that they bought and never ended up using. Some parts will have signs of wear and you need to take this into consideration if you are particularly concerned about aesthetics on your personal vehicles, or if you are looking to enter your completed project into a show of some sort. Use your common sense and be wary of scam sellers to avoid any frustrating circumstances.

Motor Shows

Motor shows, especially ones like VanFest or DubFreeze, will give you the chance to view all of the available parts for sale in the flesh before you buy. Inspections are welcome at almost all parts tents and stalls so you should take the chance to view van conversion parts in detail before you go spending a lot of money on them. Owners clubs and project sites usually have a lot of information about the shows that will be local to you, as well as the ones which are further afield.

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