Vettel's great

It's almost a national sport: build up a personality, be it sporting or otherwise, revere, and then junk them. Fernando Alonso has recently come out to defend current F1 champion Sebastian vettel against the criticism that he is 'not a real racer.'

In his latest column in the Daily Telegraph, big Scot David Coulthard raised the point that mant in F1 still doubt the 24-year-old's quality.

"He continues to sweep all before him, and yet there are still those who question Seb's driving,' wrote Coulthard. 'As if he is simply fortunate to have found himself in a Red Bull. As if he is an average racing driver because he wins races from pole.'

Alonso told Auto Bild Motorsport: 'I don't understand the criticisms about him, that he is not a real racer. He is a great champion about to win his second title and has remarkable qualities; a lot of speed.

'Yes he has the best car that gets a good place on the grid, but you need to be able to get the most out of it at every race and Sebastian does that very well.

'Even in difficult moments or when he makes a mistake, he is always fighting for the win. It is proof of his great qualities.'

Alonso also heaped praise on the Red Bull team, and particularly car designer Adrian Newey. 'They have played to the regulations better than us and the others and this year they have a great car,' the Spaniard said. 'Adrian Newey is obviously the key person but behind him is a strong team.

'Ferrari attracts drivers but also technicians, so if Newey wants to come to us it would be a pleasure to drive his car,' added Alonso, with a cheeky smile.

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