Victory Victor

A man from Wolverhampton once had a dream. The dream to have the world's fastest car. Thirty-one years to the good, and that dream has been fulfilled.

It was 1980 when Andy from Wolverhampton bought a battered out Vauxhall Victor for £60 and went about transforming it into a supercar. It now does 0-60mph in one solitary second – as quick as you can say Jack Robinson indeed.

And keep your foot on the pedal for a further 6.5 seconds and you'll be whizzing along at over 220mph. A death wish later you would have reached the car's top speed on 250mph.

And it's legal on UK roads too.

Andy Frost, of Penn Autos boss in Wolverhampton, claims that over the past three decades he's spent £100,000 making his dream come true. During that time he hasn't gone on holiday and rarely goes to the pub. Instead he's pumping all his cash into his darling Victor box on four wheels.

According to Andy, 1,600 hours of work has gone into making the car, which includes fitting it with a twin-turbo V8 engine, a roll cage and folding a braking parachute in the boot for drag strip runs (or in case you're doing any cliff runs).

Vauxhall even gave him some money towards it, and Wolverhampton council even put their hands in their pockets as well, seeing as though his venture has been good publicity for the area.

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