Our guide to buying vintage cars

Thinking of splashing out for a vintage car but unsure of the safety involved in the purchase? While it's pretty safe to buy vintage cars, there are a small number of steps you can take to stop yourself being taken for a spin by a dubious seller.

Be Realistic - What exactly are you buying the car for? Hoping for the best deal, but expecting the worst is often the best way to tackle the buying process. Having clear expectations beforehand is the ultimate way to avoid "Buyers Remorse".

Don't Rush in - Rushing into the prospective purchase, or seeming too eager, will do away with any leverage you may have had in the sale. It allows the seller to call the shots, and backs you into a corner. Remember - There will always be another car!

Make sure it's the owner - Don't be afraid to ask for proof that you are actually dealing with the owner of the car. The last thing you want is to find out after you've handed over money that the car is stolen. The owner should be able to produce a signed "Bill of Sale" from the previous owner.

Get it insured - From the moment you are sure it's the car for you, then get it insured by your insurance company. If any issues develop with the car after you've handed the money over, you'll get compensated. A number of companies, including Footman James, provide Classic Car Insurance policies.

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