Change your car's look with vinyl-wrap

Vinyl-wrap is one of the best materials in the market today if you want your car to get a makeover at a cheaper price. Applying decals is a simple yet efficient way to dress up rides in colours and designs of your choices. For business advertisers, it is a convenient method of getting the word out there without spending tons of money.

How to apply vinyl-wrap

If you want professional-looking vinyl-wrap for your car, taking your vehicle to the garage is the best option. It will still be cheaper than repainting. However, if you want to experiment and do it yourself, here's what you need:

  • Vinyl wrap
  • Heat gun or torch and propane cylinder
  • Blade or cutter
  • Magnets for stabilising
  • Edge sealer
  • Felt squeegee, old credit card, or air release tool


  • Make sure the area where you will apply vinyl-wrap is clean and dry. You can use wax or grease remover for this. If you are applying wrap on the bonnet, clean under for there could be trapped dirt and grease.
  • Cut vinyl to fit the size of the area where you will use the wrap. Be sure to leave enough space where you will cut it later on.
  • Vinyl-wrap is just like a sticker. Simply peel off the backside of the tape and put it on the surface of the target area. Use magnets to stabilise the area. If you get bubbles, lift it up and smooth out the edges. You can also use an old credit card, soft squeegee or an air release tool. Apply heat gun all over the surface to make sure it sticks properly.
  • It is important you seek the assistance of someone so you could do this together. While one lifts the vinyl and stretches it out, the other could use the heat gun.
  • When this is done, use a blade or cutter to trim the edges, tucking it under for a clean finish. Use the heat gun to seal the edges. Apply an edge sealer for longevity.

Benefits of vinyl wrap

Applying vinyl-wrap is cost-effective in comparison to repainting your car. A well done, good quality wrap can last around 3-5 years. In addition, it protects the surface of your vehicle. You can also hide minor scratches and abrasions using a wrap. For those who are running a business, advert costs are substantially reduced compared to buying newspaper or magazine ads which can cost double or thrice. Moreover, you can even save extra money as it can easily be done as a DIY project. Commercial vinyl-wraps from well-known brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison, HP and Océ are easy to work with and remove.

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