Volkswagen Beetle Luna 1.6

Widely loved and with a worldwide cult following, the Volkswagen Beetle has always been about enjoyment. The latest beetle to roll out of the assembly line is the Volkswagen Beetle Luna 1.6. The current generation continues to sport the beetle’s distinctive style, and throws in loads of great features.

Driving the Luna 1.6 is fun and easy, with an Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP), power steering, central locking, front electric windows, and body-coloured door mirrors. The driver-side mirror is fitted with wide angle glass to make overtaking easier. Design and function blend in the ergonomically designed interior, maximising comfort and space. The dashboard area offers a clear view of all instruments, and controls are within easy reach.

Feel totally secure with the modern beetle’s safety features. Reinforced chassis, automatic rollover bars, front and side airbags, ESP for greater control over wet surfaces, and the Isofix child seat mounting system are among the many features that demonstrate the beetle’s commitment to safety.

Volkswagen’s technical innovations are apparent even under the hood. The beetle’s engines offer a desirable balance between performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental awareness.

This is definitely a car to enjoy; from its galvanized body all the way to the built-in vase for your favourite flower!

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