Volkswagen Cross Up Revealed

The new Volkswagen CrossUp! joins an expanded line-up of crossover vehicles in VW’s stable. As with the CrossGolf, CrossPolo, CrossTouran and the CrossCaddy it’s a rugged and more aggressive looking version of one of VW’s popular machines, but although it looks like an offroader it wouldn’t get far over mud and grass.

The bigger bumpers, roof rails and body cladding and 16-inch alloys give the CrossUp! a four-by-four appearance but this remains a city car. It will appeal to people who like the look of an offroader, or those who want the elevated driving position, as this Up! has been raised by 15mm. The driver gets a better view of the road which is an improvement over the standard Up!, but the CrossUp! is nothing more than a cosmetic change to the existing city car.

Inside the cabin there’s no extra space so the legroom’s still limited for the rear passengers. Aside from new cloth upholstery, there’s no difference within the cabin. Boot space remains at 251 litres with a total of 959 litres available with the rear seats folded away.

Power comes from the 74bhp three-cylinder 999cc petrol engine found in the standard car. The lack of any mechanical changes to the car means that this version of the Up! is still good for 60.1mpg combined, a decent top speed of 104mph and a sedate 0-62mph time of 14.2 seconds. VW are promising a natural gas option in the near future which will provide a CrossUp! with low enough running costs to challenge some electric powered city cars.

There’s really nothing new about the CrossUp! but it’s a car that will sell in great number even though it will be one of the most expensive Ups in VW’s range. Unfortunately Volkswagen has no plans to sell the CrossUp! in the UK. That’s a shame because Britain would be a big market for this rugged city car.

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