Learning About Volvo Cars

Volvo, a Swedish car company, started in 1927. The company is known for manufacturing vehicles focused on safety, fuel efficient cars and hybrid electric vehicles. The company grew and branched into two separate manufacturing units. The two businesses became Volvo Group and Volvo Cars. Volvo Group was responsible for manufacturing commercial cars. Volvo Cars specialized in manufacturing small passenger cars. In 1998, Ford Motors purchased Volvo Cars. The company then focused on producing hybrids and hatchbacks.

Vehicle Identity

Volvo currently features four categories of vehicles. They include station wagons, crossovers, sedans and coups. There are a variety of brands within the crossover category. One brand includes the XC60. Selling price starts at £22,616. This vehicle has a six cylinder engine, front wheel drive and features a 240 horsepower engine. The crossover line of vehicles is a mix between the station wagon style of design and a sport utility vehicle. The V50 has the wagon style of design. Pricing for this car starts at £19,935. This car is front wheel drive, features a five cylinder gasoline engine, and has 227 horsepower. The C30 Coupe starts at £27,462. The car comes with a turbo charged, five-cylinder engine. This car is considered a compact vehicle. However, the engine produces 227 horsepower.

Car Safety

Volvo has been recognized for their focus on safety. The company was first to install and manufacture a design featuring a safety-cage. This lead to innovations in passenger side impact safety. The goal was to reduce injuries and increase passenger safety from side collisions. Another innovation was the laminated wind shields. In 1994, the car company launched passenger side airbags.

Hybrid Vehicles

The Volvo Recharge was first launched in 2007 at the German Frankfurt Automobile Show. The vehicle has an electric engine and can be connected to any regular electric outlet. The car can operate on electricity for up to 60 miles and then can be switched to a regular gasoline engine.


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