Vintage VW Parts for the Iconic Campervan

The VW campervan has been a well-recognised vehicle for many years. The production of this iconic vehicle stopped in the 1960s but there are many that are still on the roads today. When buying any type of vehicle there are basic things to look out for to make sure it is ok. With a VW Campervan there are some specific areas that will need to be checked before committing to buy.

With all older model vehicles the main problem area is rust. This can be more so with the VW Campervan particularly around the floor space as it is quite a large area.

Inside the Campervan there are a few other areas to look for including the heater and control dials which can indicate the need to replace pipes and cables. Noticing a smell of petrol inside can be an indicator that rubber breather pipes may need replacing.

Sourcing VW parts can be very difficult due to the lack of demand but there are still ways in which owners can get hold of them.  There are a number of websites that do stock some spare parts for the VW campervan but there will be some that are almost impossible to locate.

One other possibility would be to search local scrap yards as there maybe the chance that they have one as part of the inventory. It may even mean having to go further a field in order to find one but there will be many scrap yards that do have websites that will list their inventory.

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