W Motors LykanHypersport: The Arabian Hypercar

A hypercar from the Middle-East really makes sense. It fits into the culture of luxury, refinement and extravagance that's become a hallmark for the region. This is the Middle-East’s first attempt at one and it’s gaining attention not only at the 2013 Qatar Motor Show where it’s currently on display, but also with the world’s press.

Both luxury and performance are needed to make a hypercar, so creators W-Motors are promising Bugatti Veyron like performance with a 242 mph maximum speed and a 0 - 62 mph time of 2.8 seconds. Gold stitching in the seats and diamond-encrusted LED headlights offer the bling that’s required and technologies like 3D holographic instruments and motion sensitive controls for some of the car’s minor functions, makes this a technical marvel.

Although the company are proud of their heritage and the tag the world’s press have given the car of “the Middle-East’s first hypercar”, they have use European expertise through the design and build process, as Ralph Debbas, W Motors’ CEO explains, “We only worked with the best in the field, and not by coincidence, a majority of these companies are based in Italy, a country with a proud tradition of producing some of the most iconic sports cars in history. And now, through this partnership, not only did we produce a one-of-a-kind car, but also, with great pride, the first exclusively Arab brand of hypercars, an icon about to mark the industry forever.”

The hypercar by W Motors of Beirut isn’t cheap. At a reported £2.1 million it costs twice as much as Veyron, but rather than the 16 cylinder engine found in the Bugatti, you only get a flat-six which is turbocharged to deliver a modest 750 hp, rather than the 987 hp found in the car named after Pierre Veyron.

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