Wakeboarding daredevils use flooded car park for playground

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It seems that not everyone is sick and tired about the heavy rain that continues to plague the U.K., as two enterprising young men decided to turn a flooded car park in Guildford into their own personal wakeboarding playground.

Jorge Gill, 18, a professional wakeboarder and wakeboarding coach Jack Hammersley, 24, decided to take advantage of the flooded Bedford Street Car Park to perform some awesome stunts.

The two, with the help of their friend Nick Mangos, waited until the night when no one was around before rigging up a Red Bull winch pulley system which allowed them to weave around the concrete pillars at 15mph in the 2ft-deep water, while having the time of their lives.

If the car park wasn’t thrilling enough, the pair then decided to take on the nearby Shalford Park - also flooded with a foot of water - where they continued their fun and games with jumps and tricks, even if Hammersley did suffer a painful fall.

Mangos told the Daily Mail, 'Jack came out of the water at one point and fell face first onto the bank at Shalford Park. He was alright though, but it was pretty bad.”

“Using the winch isn’t really done much – so I think others should be encouraged to try it out,’ added Mangos.

The two adrenaline junkies weren’t the only ones who took advantage of the flooded Bedford Street Car Park garage for their extreme watersports.

VIDEO Wakeboarding daredevils use flooded car park for playground

Tom Westcott and a group of friends went into the same car park at 6am in the morning, but instead of wakeboarding, they used a canoe to weave in and out between the pillars, describing it as the ‘best indoor floodlit lake’ to Get Surrey.

Westcott and his friends decided to save their wakeboarding stunts for a flooded road at Ranmore Common near Dorking, where they were towed behind a 4x4 vehicle.

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