Want some alloy wheels for your Peugeot 206?

People want alloy wheels predominantly for their aesthetically pleasing appearance, believing that they add cache to their motor. They certainly look classier and more attractive than steel wheels, and in terms of performance are lighter than their steel counterparts. This of course adds to the speed and aerodynamicism of the car with a knock on beneficial effect on fuel consumption.

The addition of alloy wheels to a car can assist the speed of resale of the motor despite not increasing the price that can be asked at point of sale. The peugeot 206 tornade alloy wheels are almost exclusive to the Peugeot 206 GTi special edition model.

Peugeot 206 tornade alloy wheels are not the easiest thing to get hold of but if you trawl the Internet or go direct to Peugeot you should find some eventually. There is a company called Team Dynamics who sell through Internet auction site ebay that stock them although you should expect to pay around £300 for 14 inch alloys.

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