Watch how you tread

Good tyres will help you get a grip on your fuel economy, according to the AA.

The road experts believe that cutting rolling resistance by having a good pair of tyres on your motor could increase fuel economy by up to 10mpg, reports The Sun.

Italian tyre firm Marangoni are trialling tyres on a sporty Alfa Giulietta and cutting rolling resistance by 30 per cent in the process.

Greg Graha, the UK brand manager of Marangoni, said: ‘Our goal was to see if we could create tyres for sporting cars which could result in a noticeable cost saving in fuel consumption, but without sacrificing real driving performance. And with M-Power iGreen, we showed that we can.

‘The only downside we found is that the cost of the raw materials that allow us to achieve such a startling reduction in rolling resistance are presently too high to make the tyres saleable to the tyre industry.

‘We are confident, however, that through further research and development, we can find ways to make this possible.’

But you don’t need a posh car to go to your local tyre centre and get more efficient rubber. Marangoni already have their own M-Power tyre on sale at Kwik Fit, which purports to cut rolling resistance by 15 per cent.

By November next year all new tyres sold in the EU will need to carry a label giving essential information to help users . The label, which will apply to car, van and lorry tyres, will provide information on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

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