Water flood damage car repair costs

Unless you’re a qualified mechanic, you should be careful when driving through deep water but sometimes we get caught out and the pool of water is deeper than we realised. If that happens to you, you’ll end up with water flood damage and a car repair will be necessary. We’ll take you through exactly what that can mean and how to avoid compounding the issue if you’re engine’s flooded.
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Flood damage

Don’t attempt to start your car if the engine’s flooded. There could be damage that you’re not aware of and small insects and animals may have made their way into the engine bay through the water.

Salt water

If you’re engine’s damaged by salt water, you may find that there’s more damage than even the most pessimistic motorist would fear. Mud, silt and other debris from the road may have made their way into the engine too so you should be prepared for the worst when the mechanic inspects your car’s condition.

Car battery

The water damage could have affected the car’s battery. If that’s the case, you’ll need to drain the battery quickly before any lasting damage is caused. If your battery is the problem, read our guide to charging a flooded battery for full step by step instructions.

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