We look at why snow tyres could be your best winter purchase this year

If the last couple of winters are anything to go by, it looks likely that we're going to see an ever increasing amount of snow, ice and all round bad weather each winter. Unfortunately, this means that you're going to need to invest in some snow safety equipment for your car.

While people in the United Kingdom have traditionally been able to get away with driving on all weather tyres during the winter, things have gotten so bad with the increased snow fall and decreasing temperatures that it is now recommended that you have some sort of solution available when the weather turns.

The most obvious, and practical, solution has always been to take a look at some of the snow tyres available. Snow tires have special treads that are much better adapted to slippery underfoot conditions and lower temperatures, making them far more effective for adverse winter weather conditions than all weather tires.

While many people think that snow tires are far too expensive to bother purchasing, we can recommend a couple of websites that can offer you some fantastic deals - far cheaper than the prices to be found on the high street.

The first website is performancealloys.com, who not only specialise in alloy wheels, but also have an entire section dedicated to snow tires. Simply enter the make, model and size of your car, and you'll be given a list of all the suitable winter tyres as well as their prices. It really couldn't be simpler.

Alternatively you can check out etyres.co.uk who have a wide range of great deals on all kinds of tyres, including some real bargains on snow tires to keep you going through the harsh weather at the end of the year.

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