Sunday was another bad day at the office for Lewis Hamilton, who the Sun have now renamed Lewis 'Whamilton' following yet another crash.

After Saturday's bizarre qualifying crash with Pastor Maldonado, the 2008 champion went out on Sunday and did to all intents and purposes the same again by colliding with Kamui Kobayashi.

Maldonado said after the race: 'He did the same today ... I think he needs to be more focused on his race.' Sauber's Kobayashi added: 'I don't know what I needed to do -- maybe go into the gravel for him?'

Initially, Hamilton refused to accept any of the blame laid at his door, telling reporters afterwards: 'As far as I was concerned, I was ahead of whoever I was racing and then I was hit by them.'

Former champion Niki Lauda, speaking to Autoblog UK, took a different view: 'He takes things to extremes. He's only got himself to blame,' he said.

But Hamilton did later own up to the mistake that finished Kobayashi's race. 'After watching the replay, I realise it was my fault today 100 per cent,' he said.

'I didn't give Kobayashi enough room, though I thought I was past. The team deserves better from me.' And the other F1 drivers too!

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