What a beautiful body...

Thinking about taking advantage of the Government’s car scrappage scheme before its end of March deadline? Before you decide to rip that loved four-wheeled C-reg in your drive (you’d only get £2000 anyhow) why not get a supermodel to give a little pimp-my-ride treatment? When we say supermodel, we mean Naomi Campbell (not the new McLaren).

As a tie in with London Fashion week Naomi Campbell gave a Lotus Evoras a sleek makeover. Obviously a nice little cross promotion for fashion and cars, the event was part of a Help Haiti campaign and resulted in a lovely £320,000 cheque to the victims of the earthquake. That’s £271,450 more than its expected selling price pre-auction.

Unique Campbell touches to the Evoras included bespoke decals, tailor-made engraved badge, white & gold leather seats and an eye popping purple interior.

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