What happens if I don't pay a parking ticket?

If you’re asking: what happens if I don't pay a parking ticket because you’ve got one outstanding, you really shouldn’t leave it any later. You have 28 days to make the payment a Penalty Charge Notice parking ticket but delaying the payment till the later stages of the 28 days will see you pay more than you really need to.

Payment terms

If you pay the penalty charge notice within 14 days, you will only have to cough up 50% of the charge. You get 21 days if your car was caught on camera and the PCN was posted to you. Obviously paying within the 14 to 28 day bracket means having to cover the whole charge but not paying within 28 days leads to sanctions.

Notice to owner

If you don’t get around to paying the ticket within the 28 day timeframe, you’ll receive a Notice to Owner. This notice gives you a further 28 days to make the payment. If you don’t pay in that timescale, the next notice can show an increase in the ticket charge of up to 50% more than you originally were billed for your motoring indiscretion.

Fixed penalty notice

The next stage is a Fixed Penalty Notice. Non-payment of this notice will lead to a court appearance through a court summons.


Of course some or all of the delay in you paying the ticket could be down to you challenging it in the first place. All you need do is to head to gov.uk/appeal-parking-fine and follow the easy to understand steps. This service is only available for drivers in England and Wales and it should be done within the 14 day discount period as this way if the challenge is rejected you’re only asked to pay the reduced amount. You can still appeal if you’re in the 14 to 28 day window but as implied, if you’re challenge fails you’ll face the full penalty charge.

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