What is the best Mercedes ever made?

Mercedes has been making cars since 1900 so there are quite a few contenders for the best Mercedes ever made. Most reviewers will concentrate on the firm’s collection of stately saloon cars, but the first contender we’re going to look at was actually designed for the German army.
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When the G-Wagon was created in 1979, it was built to fit a purpose. Today, the G-Wagon’s closer to a Land Rover in its design philosophy but in the 1970s the original G-Wagon was a lightweight combat vehicle that was similar to the Jeep. The looks of the box-shaped original have been kept through the years, but the price has sky rocketed. The entry-level G-Class has an on the road price of £83,000.


This is the car that started the confusing “four-door coupe” tag but it’s such an important part of recent Mercedes-Benz history that it can’t be ignored. The sloped roofline and coupe shape combined with the four-doors made it aesthetically pleasing and practical when the first generation arrived in 2004. The second generation car, which came out in 2010, doesn’t have the same appeal because the stylists haven’t given it as much of a coupe shape.

1963 600 Pullman Mercedes-Benz’s rich history has given us some of the most glamorous cars but none have the appeal of the 1963 600 Pullman. Owners have included celebrities like Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson and John Lennon, and even though only 3000 examples were ever built, this remains one of the firm’s most iconic cars.


The SLS AMG “Gullwing” from 2011 is a bit of a throw-back that’s made from the most modern materials and manufacturing techniques. It was the first Mercedes to be designed completely in-house at AMG which is the only reason it didn’t make our top spot.

300 SLR

We’ve picked a racing car as the best Mercedes ever made because the 300 SLR is such an iconic Merc. This car from 1955 is based on the 300 SL Gullwing but was made lighter thanks to a super-lightweight aluminium chassis. This was the first racing car to use air cooled brakes which Stirling Moss used to great effect when competing in the Mille Miglia.

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