What to Wear To a Formula One Fancy Dress Party

You might be stuck for ideas when you have been invited to an upcoming Formula One fancy dress party. The Formula 1 (F1) is well known for its exciting races, professional race drivers and beautiful luxury cars. Therefore, it is no surprise that your friends have chosen a F1 theme for their next party.

One idea for a costume for a Formula One fancy dress is to go as a car driver. A race car driver is an easy costume to obtain from a fancy dress shop. You can also order a car driver costume online and have it delivered to your home address. If you are unable to find a specific car driver costume with the formula one logo, you can purchase F1 accessories to use with a generic car driver costume.

Another costume idea for a Formula One fancy dress is to find a costume that resembles the Formula One race car mechanic. The car mechanic for a formula one team is the person responsible for all aspects of safety and performance of the race car. The mechanic will ensure the car runs smoothly and make any repairs during and in-between races. A mechanic’s costume is also not hard to find from a fancy dress shop.

As mentioned above, any costume can be improved with the use of Formula One fancy dress party accessories. You can purchase chequered flags, hats, backpacks and bandannas. It is even possible to search online for replicas or toy versions of the Formula 1 trophy to use as a party prop.

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