What's Saab now?

It seems that last months announcement of new Saab models in the pipeline was like a dying animal's last desperate cry for survival. Because Saab are on the verge of becoming as dead as Voldermort at the end of the final Harry Potter installment (oops – gave it away).

Salaries again have gone unpaid, and suppliers are now looking to recover millions of pounds in unpaid debts.

The company hasn't produced cars since April and as the bills mount up attempts to start up production again have reached a standstill. And because of the late delivery of funds from investors, 1,600 of its 3,600 employees have gone without payment and have probably had to move in with their parents.

But despite all this, Saab claims the problems are just short-term. 'We have other things going on to strengthen our financial position going forward, with a long-term deal with the Chinese for £245million,' said spokes person for the ailing car giant. 'Long-term we have the solution. Now it’s the short-term that we need to deal with.'

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