Head to Wheelmania Birmingham for those elusive alloys

Word of mouth and internet forums all point the way to one specialist alloy supplier in the Midlands. Wheelmania in Birmingham aims to meet every customer's needs, no matter how obscure or hard-to-find those particular alloys might be.

You don't have to drive the coolest car on the road either. Even a humble hatchback owner can find what they are looking for here.The company's website www.wheelmania.co.uk  lists 90 different wheel types, covering most eventualities, and, if you ask nicely, they can probably locate anything truly out of the ordinary.

The company has been established for 18 years and knowledgeable car enthusiasts will find like-minded souls here; people who know that fitting the right set of wheels isn't about adding on a flash accessory just to look sharp, but finding a wheel that is in tune with the line and design of a vehicle.

The performance and design of these wheels might be beyond the budgets or mass production capabilities of car manufacturers, but can be the missing ingredient that makes your vehicle the completed article.

Wheelmania in Birmingham is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Mania Racing brand, and their showrooms usually have a vast selection of alloy wheels and tyres in stock. You can get them fitted immediately on-site, or arrange next day mail order delivery.

Budget-conscious customers should also be aware that Wheelmania Birmingham will buy used alloys, and offer cash or part-exchange on your new set of wheels. They can even arrange a quick quotation, and collect for your convenience.


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