When to replace timing belt

If your car’s cam belt goes, you won’t get much warning. Drivers who have experienced this suggest that there are only a few metres of driving left in the car before the cam belt failure causes major and very expensive damage to your car so finding out when to replace the timing belt will save you an equal amount of worry and money.
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Cam belt replacement

Most cars need a new cam belt after 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Other manufacturers recommend that it’s changed every 5 years regardless of mileage. The truth is that no two engines need their cam belt changed at the same interval. Manufacturers therefore put the timing belt changing into the car’s service schedule. This is fine if you’ve been regularly servicing your car, but if you haven’t you should check out your service manual for this information. As most services are listed without very much detail, you may need to get in touch with your local garage to find out when the cam belt needs replacing.

Service manual

Your other and quicker option is to use the web. You’ll find sites like mytimingbelt.com useful as you can use them to look up your car’s service intervals.


You could also take your car to Halfords who offer a free cam belt check. You’ll be putting yourself in the hands of people who know about the workings of a car as all of their technicians are ATA-trained, and there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll have the replacement timing belt in stock. This is a free service and a very convenient one.

Final word

This is not a job that can be put off so don’t delay if your car’s coming up for the manufacturer’s recommended cam belt change.

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