Where to buy Aprilia Motorcycles in the UK


Palmers Aprilia Motorcycles is a dealership based in Hertfordshire, UK. They stock a large range of new and used Aprilia bikes including the Aprilia Shiver 750 GT ABS Limited Edition from £6295.00 and the racing style Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC from £16,999.00.

Palmers also stock Aprilia off road motorcycles including the RX 125cc at £3899.00 and the RX 50 at £2549.00.

(All prices correct as of September 2010 and taken from the Palmers Aprilia Motorcycles website).

For further details visit palmersmotorcycles.co.uk or telephone 01442 289033.

On Yer Bike

Launched in 1989, On Yer Bike is a leading UK motorcycle dealership. They offer a wide range of new and used Aprilia bikes at keen prices.

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC is at £16,728.00 new and at £14499 for a used model with only 212 miles on the clock (prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from onyerbike.net).

On Yer Bike also offer a large range of motorcycle clothing, a training school and finance options.

Go to onyerbike.net for further details or telephone 01296 655999.


Located in Dundee, Scotland, Skinner Motorcycles have been established since 2004. They provide a quality, honest and professional service and are factory trained on Aprilia bikes.

Skinner Motorcycles stock a range of new and used Aprilia bikes, including a new RSV4 Factory APRC at £16,599.00 and the Shiver 750 from £6,599.00.

There is also a choice of Aprilia off road motorcycles at Skinners, including the RX 50 at £2,549.00 (all prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from skinnermotorcycles.co.uk).

For further details go to skinnermotorcycles.co.uk or telephone 01382 611500.

Aprilia is an iconic motorcycle brand. Their popularity is confirmed by their availability throughout the UK and therefore competitive pricing.

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