Where to buy Ford transit alloy wheels online

Finding Ford transit alloy wheels online has never been easier, and with one retailer situated in Wales you're able to order your alloys no matter where you are in the UK! Let's have a look to see where you should go and what you can expect to pay?

Tyresave.co.uk is fast becoming one of the trusted sources of Ford transit alloy wheels in the UK, and some of the deals on site make it well worth it to give this online retailer a try. Delivery on alloy wheels is free of charge, and you only pay extra if you add additional items such as tyres etc. The company will also fit your alloys or tyres for a small charge if you're in the area. Let's see what you can expect to pay?

tyresave.co.uk/alloyvan.html is where you need to go to view alloy wheels for vans, and there's quite a selection here. The wheels on this page are heavy duty, and fit minibuses, vans, camper vans and even motor homes. The wheels listed fit Citroen, Relay, Fordtransit, Mercedes and many more. To get a full list, visit the URL above, because what is shown here is just a small sampling!

A set of four Team Dymanics Rimfire alloys will cost you only £540.00 at this site, and these fit Ford Transits. The size of the wheel is 6.5 x 15". There's also a version of this wheel with six spokes, so if your van uses the six-spoke version you should opt for that instead.

The Autec Type T alloy set is another option for Ford transit owners, and a set of these alloys will only set you back £525.00. The size of these alloy wheels is 6 x15". You're also able to purchase five or six alloys, if you need five just add 25% to the listed price, and if you want six alloys, add 50% to see what it would cost you.

This site seems to really stock everything alloy related so head on over and have a look. You may never have to search for alloys again!

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