Where to buy the cheapest petrol in the UK

With today’s petrol prices making driving a major expense, you’re always looking for the cheapest place to fill up. Although supermarkets often have the cheapest prices in the UK, travelling to and from them if you don’t live near can negate the price difference, so you’ll need to look locally for the best price. If you want to know where to buy the cheapest petrol in the UK though, we’ve got a breakdown for you.
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Cheapest locations

If you find yourself somewhere near County Durham, you should fill up because the average price of petrol there is 3p less than the national average. Buckinghamshire and West Yorkshire are the other areas with relatively low prices, but you’ll still be paying more than £1.30 a litre in those areas.

Supermarket prices

The average gap between supermarket unleaded petrol prices and those from other firms is now 2p per litre. That’s before you get into the sort of deals they offer their shoppers that basically boil down to more money off per litre if you spend a set amount in store.

How to find the lowest prices

To find the lowest prices in your area, you’ll need to use the net or download an app for your smartphone. A website like petrolprices.com will give you an idea of where to find fuel in your area. You could also download an app for your mobile. Some of the highest recommended ones include the AA Fuel Price UK app which you can find on theaa.com, Fuelsmart UK, Petrol Finder and PetrolPrices Pro, all of which are available from iTunes or play.google.com.

Final word

Market forces like competition and demand determine the price of fuel so petrol stations in rural areas tend to charge more. Filling stations on motorways also charge more because of their convenience.

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