Where to find cheap exhausts

There are parts of your car that you can afford to buy the highest quality of simply because they are not that expensive to begin with. But if it is your car’s exhaust that is not working, you better start looking for cheap exhausts that will fit your car. If you do not look hard enough, it is more than possible you will end up paying more than you should.


This website describes itself as the biggest online source for catalytic converters and exhaust systems. Its prices for exhaust systems start at 26 GBP for a full one and a little over 13 GBP for the rear exhaust.

The only problem about shopping on this site is its lack of user-friendliness and rather disorganised layout or navigational aspect. There is no list of automotive parts, but instead, you are just given the type of car you are in need of help for.


Now, you also have to remember that ‘cheap’ in cheap exhausts is a relative term. What one may consider as beautiful may appear unattractive to others. At Power Flow Exhausts, the company delights in providing its customers with the best custom-built exhausts made of stainless steel.

Established over 35 years ago, this company’s exhaust systems can be divided according to the car they are meant to be used for: classic cars, modified or custom, imports, 4 x 4s, race and rally, and kit cars.

You can also opt for standard replacements for your car.

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