Where to find cheap Golf Cars

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most reliable used cars a person can buy. They're long lasting and durable, and have remained popular in the UK for decades. If you're looking into buying used Golf cars, let us help you to avoid rip offs with our guide to buying.

Due to the Volkswagen Golf being such a traded car, the issues drivers have reported with it have long been flagged up, meaning you won't have to suffer the same annoyances as drivers who have gone before you.

Our first tip is to check the driver's seat, as they are especially prone to wear on high-mileage cars. Make sure the engine settles properly after starting up. A lot of Golf models require a Volkswagen engine software update. Make sure you have a gander at the rear lights as they are prone to condensation and misting. Replacement lights can be extremely expensive, so don't get caught out.

Some Golfs are prone to issues with the bonnet. Make sure to check the bonnet opens and closes easily, and ensure the bonnet hinges and catch have been well lubricated to help prevent them from seizing up on you.

If it's one of the Golf's early 1.9 ltr diesel engines, take a good long listen to the engine while it is running, as they are prone to some problems with excessive noise.

Due to the reliable nature of the Volkswagen Golf, these are about the biggest problems you will encounter, so best of luck on your hunt for a cheap Golf!

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