Where to look for helmets for motorcycles

Shopping for helmets for motorcycles is critical because it is one of the most explicit requirements for riding motorcycles in public roads and access ways. When shopping for motorcycle helmets, keep in mind that they are available in different styles as well as having different sets of features.

In terms of size, the first thing to consider is whether you are looking for men’s motorcycle helmets, ladies’ motorcycle helmets or kids’ helmets.

Be sure as well that you are shopping for helmets for motorcycle use and not for other activities like cycling or even skateboarding. There are also helmets designed for aquatic sports.

As for features, this will depend mainly if you are looking for features that make the helmet – and the rider – look more attractive, or you are looking for features that improve the helmet’s safety, protection, efficiency or comfort.

Lastly, there are also motorbike helmets designed for a particular brand such as Ducati or Honda. There are also well-known helmet brands like Shark and AGV.


This website specifically offers four types of helmets: full face versus flip up helmets, open face helmets and motocross helmets. Moreover, if your orders amount to more than 25 GBP, you will immediately enjoy free delivery to mainland UK. Refunds are offered in 30 days. You can get in return an alternative item or a full refund. You will not be charged with re-stocking fee either.


Obviously, this is not only for helmets for motorcycles, but also for race visors of all kinds. This is also one of the few websites that sell parts and visors separately for helmets. As authorised dealers for motor helmets, you can get discounts such as paying for something as cheap as 99 GBP just for an AGV helmet.

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