Where to park in Liverpool for free

Whether you’re heading to Liverpool for a football match at Anfield or Goodison Park, or to visit some of the city’s museums and galleries which are the best outside London, you’ll want to lower the cost of your trip by parking for free. Unfortunately, there are no free parking bays within the city centre so you’ll need walking shoes with you if you’d like to leave the car without paying. Find out where to park in Liverpool for free so you can lower the cost of your trip.
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Free parking

There isn’t a lot of free parking available to visitors. You can park at the Crown Street hospital site for free but only for the first 20 minutes. Lots of areas of the city offer free parking in designated bays. They are only free of charge after 6pm which would at least lower the cost of an evening out in the city.

Liverpool One

If you’re planning a trip to arguably the city’s best shopping and leisure complex, you’ll find ample parking as there are 3,000 spaces. None are free though. Although the following aren’t free, you might find cheaper prices in the Seel Street car park which is right next door to Liverpool One. Alternative car parks that are also worth checking out can be found on Tithebarn Street and Dale Street. Again, neither are free but you might find them cheaper than the Liverpool One car park.

Park and ride

Perhaps the only true free parking in Liverpoolis experienced by those who use the train. If you park your car at the Liverpool South Parkway and then catch the train, you’ll be able to park for free. Of course, the price of the train ticket has to be taken into consideration.

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