Where to purchase Buell Motorcycles in the UK

Every new Buell motorcycle comes complete with a 24 month, unlimited miles, Harley Davidson backed warranty. Harley Davidson was the owner of Buell Motorcycles when they decided to cease manufacturing the bikes on 30th October 2009.

It is possible to find new and used Buell motorcycles in the UK.


Motor Cycle News is one of the worlds largest motor cycle magazines and advertises thousands of bikes for sale each week including Buell motorcycles.

MCN offer free theft checks and free 7 day breakdown cover on all privately sold Buell Motorcycles.

For further details go to motorcyclenews.com.


Riders motorcycles have is a family run business with dealer locations in Bridgwater, Cardiff and Bristol. They offer a range of new Buell bikes for sale including the 1125R Sportbike at £4995.00, the XB12X Adventure bike at £5,499.00 and the XB12SSG Streetfighter at £5,499.00. (All prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from ridersmotorcycles.com).

For further details go to ridersmotorcycles.com

Steve Piper Motorcycles

Steve Piper motorcycles is an independent dealership specialising in Buell motorcycles. As well as buying and selling Buell bikes, Steve Piper also carry out professional motorcycle servicing and repairs.

For sale at Steve Piper is a used XB12R/S with 10,000 miles on the clock for £2495.00 and a used XB9R Custom Bike with 12,000 miles for £3495.00 (all prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from steve-motorcycles.co.uk).

For further details go to steve-motorcycles.co.uk or telephone 02380 641280.

There are other dealers offering Buell motorcycles for sale in the UK. With some careful research you'll soon find that dream bike.


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