Who drive better men or women?

There’s always going to be a debate around which sex drives best but is there ever a conclusion to your argumentative chats on the subject with your spouse or sibling? This is a matter of opinion of course and it’s such a generalisation that you really can’t come up with an answer but if you ask a man, men are way better drivers than women.


Men take more risks

Studies show that men take more risks behind the wheel than women do. They’re less cautious behind the wheel and they tend to drive at higher speeds. Not wearing a seatbelt is something that is more typically attached to male drivers than their female counterparts, and driving while under the influence is also more prevalent in men than women.


These behavioural traits are deplorable but they don’t necessary equal bad driving because men are naturally more proficient at certain driving tasks than women but that doesn't put them ahead of women because men get into accidents due to their risky behaviour. Studies show that men are more likely to be taken to task by the police for aggressive driving than women. They’re also 25% more likely to be at fault in the case of an accident.


Of course none of the data collected in any of the studies we’re using for this piece are widely known so most of us go on our perception. Although there’s a perception in a lot of quarters that men are better drivers than women, there’s really no evidence to back this up.

Final word

Saying that someone is a better or worst driver because of their sex is silly in today’s world. You really need to judge the individual. Sometimes a confident driver lacks confidence when a certain passenger is in the car. Sometimes an aggressive driver calms down when he or she has a child or loved one with them. The generalisations we’ve been exploring here are not really representative of driving in the real world.

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