Who’s bad?

Freedom of Information requests are great for finding out useless tattle such as this: a 26-year-old woman from South London is officially the most hapless when it comes to driving theory after failing the exam a record 90 times.

These days the driving theory test requires candidates to answer 43 multiple choice questions correctly out of a total of 50. Quite a high margin, though self-help books and DVDs basically give you all the questions beforehand.

At £31 a pop, the Southwark resident must have forked out £2,790 to earn the dubious honour of being the nation’s worst. Apparently, her last attempt came in November.

However, we can’t help being impressed with her never-say-die spirit after so many rejections.

But while a woman wins the prize for worst driver in theory, in practice a man gets that accolade. A 39-year-old man from the West Midlands recently failed the test at his 36th attempt.

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