Why bus seats are multi-coloured

You might not know what a bus seat looks like in the UK because you have to be pregnant or elderly to get a seat nowadays as reduced bus services have led to incredibly busy buses. When there’s standing room only you might not see the multi-coloured seats that buses in the UK tend to have. But if you have landed your bottom or your eyes on one of those seats, have you ever wondered why they’re designed the way they are?



The chairs themselves are obviously designed to take up the minimum amount of space while offering the maximum amount of seating. That leads to closer than comfortable seating for those who manage to find somewhere to sit down. The ugly pattern you see on the seat looks like something from the 1980s but the reason the seats are upholstered in the sketchy multi-coloured design most of us are familiar with is nothing to do with a lack of updating over the decades.

Poor taste

Poor taste and an unwillingness to update things might be issues those in charge of public transport suffer with in general but they’re not the reason for the ugly pattern. The truth is that the design is there to trick the eye of the commuter. Nope, we’re not talking about the sort of tricks that Derren Brown or Dynamo spellbind us with on the TV, the simple truth is that he hideous design is there to disguise the hideous dirt and grime lurking within the fabric of the seat.

Toilet seat

We’re not saying that bus seats are disgusting like the average public toilet seat, but you’ll find grime and germs within them. Does the realisation that the seat design is in place to disguise dirt make you wonder whether standing rather than sitting isn’t a bad idea the next time you’re forced to use a bus?

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