Why is my car shaking while driving?

If you find your car shaking while driving, you will need to check it out. Ignoring a minor shake could leave you with a major headache if the shake turns out to be symptomatic of something important. If your car’s vibrating, it’s probably for one of these reasons.
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Engine problems

This is the biggest worry any driver will have when his car starts vibrating, but it’s not necessarily the reason why your car is shaking. The symptoms to look out for include a shudder or jerk during acceleration and a staccato shaking, like you’ve driving over a rumble strip on the side of the motorway. These symptoms could indicate that new spark plugs are needed or they could mean you’ve got a dirty air filter or clogged fuel filter.

Axle problems

Another issue that can result in shaking is a problem with the axle. Your axle could be bent, which is more likely if you’ve been involved in an accident recently. If that’s the case, the intensity of the vibration will increase as you accelerate.

Brake trouble

If braking tends to intensify the shaking, then you’ve probably got a problem with your brakes. You may have a warped brake rotor which could just be due to wear and tear. If you suspect that this is the cause of your vibration, get specialist help as the brakes aren’t something you should fiddle with without expert knowledge.

Wheel issue

Your shaking and rattling could be down to a loose wheel. If that’s the case, you’ll probably feel a shudder through the steering wheel. This could be a wheel bearing failure or it could mean a wheel hub is loose. As with the brakes, this is an area of the car that needs specialist attention.

Tyre trouble

The most common problem that leads to shaking in a car is down to a problem with the tyres. If your car’s vibrating at certain speeds, your tyres require balancing. The shaking could also be down to the tyre treads beginning to separate or uneven wear on the tyres could be creating the problem.

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