Winning the fight against car crime

Fall in vehicle crime due to manufacturers increasing security levels

The fight against car crime is being won, according to new figures released today, and it's all because of manufacturers being more wary about the potential securuty risks.

Last year 107,000 cars were stolen. Sounds a lot, but it's a massive reduction from 119,000 in 2009, 143,000 in 2008 and a tiny miniscule fraction of the 600,000 cars stolen every year 20 years ago.

Andrew Miller, director of research at car insurance centre, Thatcham, said the reduction is due to'to the incredible improvements to a raft of security systems including alarms, locks, immobilisers, toughened glass and tracking devices.'

This is supported by evidence that most cars that are taken are over three years old, and most thieves use the vehicle's keys rather than smash their way in.

Thatcham named Volksvagen the safest manufacturer, with Audi and Volvo coming second and third. You'll need to be on you guard though if you drive a Transit – figures revealed the Ford Transit is the most popular vehicle stolen.

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