Buy winter tyres in Aberdeen for less

With British winters becoming increasingly cold, it has never been more important to get yourself sorted out with good quality winter tyres in anticipation of the inevitable cold snap that is just a few months away now.

Winter tyres make a huge difference to the performance of your vehicle during the winter months. The difference they can make to your braking distance is just one of the major improvements you'll notice with them. They'll also increase your handling, making your car much safer on icy roads.

With so many drivers still using summer tyres during the winter months, it's definitely worth the extra cost in order to ensure that you can do everything you can to maximise safety for those travelling in your car. Since summer tyres aren't made for colder conditions, they tend to harden and become much less supple, even at temperatures as high as three or four degrees. With winter tyres, you maintain that suppleness and grip, allowing your tyres to adhere to the road in a far superior manner.

There are a number of great suppliers of winter tyres in Aberdeen, who all offer great prices on their stock. Finding which one is right for you very much depends on the type of car you drive, and any budget preferences you may have. In order to make the search a little easier, we have included the names, addresses and contact numbers of some of the premier winter suppliers in the Aberdeen area.

John McInnes (Dyce)2 Airways Industrial Estate, Pitmedden Road, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 0DT Tel : 01224 722391

Kwik Fit 226 South Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5PT Tel: 01224 586376

Aberdeen Mobile Tyres Midmill Kintore, Aberdeenshire AB51 0QLTel: 01224 224127

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