winter tyres ireland - it's never too early to plan ahead!

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Winter tyres - Ireland has never needed them so badly! The snow and ice from last winter may have disappeared but for many motorists the memory lingers on. Car Insurance companies recorded bumper amounts of accidents as people struggled against some of the worst driving conditions since the 1960s.

As Ireland would be better known for having a rain filled winter, changing the tyres on their car wasn't a priority for many people but it is going to be a consideration for many drivers as the autumn approaches.

Online car stores are now stocking a range of winter tyres in anticipation of this new trend and if you log on to performancealloys.com, you can select "winter tyres" from ghe drop down menu that appears under the "tyres" option.

There are currently 633 types of winter tyre in stock and this site explains the advantages of each of them. For example the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 winter tyres have 10% more control in the snow along with 5% better acceleration.

The Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 2 comes with the promise of 13% shorter braking distance on the ice and 9% more grip on corners but you can expect to pay for security such as this!

As with all tyres, the prices will vary widely with the cheapest model of winter tyre starting at 65.38 euro per tyre. This is for the Dunlop winter sport tyre but the Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 2 will set you back an eye watering 559.98 euro per tyre!

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