Guide to winter tyres at Kwik Fit

As one of the United Kingdom's leading auto repair and servicing specialists, Kwik Fit are often the first name to spring to mind when one thinks about purchasing new tyres for their car, and with more than 570 Kwik Fit centres located throughout the UK you'll always have one within easy reach should you need work carried out.

Not only are they experts when it comes to carrying out regular services, oil changes, tyre changes and repairs, but Kwik Fit also stock a huge number of parts from some of the world's leading auto manufacturers including names like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental - so it's rare that you'll ever be stuck for a part or component.

When it comes to winter tyres, Kwik Fit are always on hand to provide you with expert advice and suggestions as to which tyre is right for your needs. Although it is not mandatory to have winter tyres on your vehicle for the colder months, it is certainly advisable as they offer stopping distances of up to eleven metres quicker than summer tyres in temperatures below seven degrees centigrade, depending on driving conditions at the time.

Kwik Fit recommend that all drivers make the change to winter tyres as soon as the weather starts to drop below seven degrees centigrade, so usually around mid to late October. They also suggest that you switch back to your summer tyres in March of each year.

The process of switching between the tyres, they say, will ensure that you get even longer out of both sets than you would using a single set of four throughout the year.

For more information about the services Kwik Fit provide for winter tyres, as well as prices and contact information for your local service centre, you can check out the official Kwik Fit website at kwik-fit.com.

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