Winter tyres sale in the UK

A decent winter tyres sale in the UK can be a difficult thing to come across. Instead of looking for a garage that has discount tyres why not take the hunt online. There are lots of great savings to be made on the internet, here's two of the best websites we came across on our search.

First off we check out the mytyres.co.uk website. While there isn't an actual sale they do consistently sell low cost high quality tyres. In fact, you can find them for much lower with My Tyres than any retail store in the UK.

They have a great system where you input the max speed of the car, the type of tyre and the size, then the website will find the best suited tyre for your vehicle. You can add optional extras like whether or not you want run on flats or reinforced tyres. We found a set of Dunlop SP Winter Response for only £63.99, that is some serious savings versus their regular £100+ price tag.

As with any online store it is always worth shopping around. The discounttyres.co.uk website is another great option and gives you something to compare against to ensure that you are getting the best price.

This time we found a set of Nankang Snow SV-2 for only £47.80. We achieved this again by filling in the same details as previous. In this case the tyres were the same price so we went with a cheaper brand to offer you a comparison.

It's hard to find a great winter tyres sale in the UK but if you take your search online there are plenty of savings to be made.

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