Winter weather good for 4x4 owners

As the nation slips and slides as it tries to get on with its Saturday, 4x4 owners can feel a bit smug. Their gigantic vehicles can look a bit OTT when driving around crowded city streets, but they certainly come in handy when the weather takes a turn for the extreme.

But there's another upside to the crazy weather for 4x4 owners, despite them getting to feel smug: the weather's actually making their cars more valuable. Glass's, the vehicle valuation experts, recently compiled their list of the three-year-old cars with the best residual values for 2010 - that is to say, those that have held their value best. Seven of the top ten were 4x4s, from the Land Rover Freelander to the Nissan Qashqai.

Expert-types reckon the heavy snow at the start of 2010 will have helped these 4x4 winter vehicles keep their value. And the extra doses of frostbite in the last few weeks have probably helped some more.

So if you struggle out on the slippy roads in your little Renault later, only to find yourself cursing the smug Land Rover drivers as they careen comfortable around, here's an excuse to be just a little more jealous.

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